Running a course

Almost all our courses are delivered by our members. They range from formal classroom-based sessions or activities, through discussion groups with a coordinator and series of outings or lectures, to fitness classes.

If you have knowledge or expertise you would like to share with other U3AC members, we would like to hear from you!


Planning for the next academic year starts in March, when members submit proposals for new or repeated courses. We provide support and training, as well as the equipment you might need.

If you are interested in running a course, please contact the Office or call 01223 321587.

Information for tutors when submitting a course proposal

Important dates for tutors

  • By 12 April: Proposals for courses should be submitted to U3AC Office
  • May /June: U3AC books venues, sends draft entry for the Programme to tutors for approval, sends approved Programme to printers
  • July: Programme sent to members and prospective members
  • By 1 August: Members complete their applications for courses (online or on paper)
  • August: Allocations made to courses, preliminary course lists sent to tutors, course allocation letters sent to members
  • The week before term starts: Final registers of class members sent to tutors of Autumn Term courses
  • October: Start of academic year
  • End of December: Final registers of class members sent to tutors of Spring Term courses
  • April: Final registers of class members sent to tutors of Summer Term courses


Tutor Support Handbook

The Tutor Support Handbook is a useful resource for all tutors and potential tutors. Part one covers planning and delivering a course, including advice on tutoring online with Zoom. Part two provides administrative support, with useful guidance about such things as registers, data protection and the use of premises and equipment.

The section of the Handbook that deals with Zoom is available as a separate document: The Zoom Cribsheet.

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A resource bank of tutor mentors

This is a valuable resource for all tutors who feel that it would be good to have a chat with a fellow tutor about leading their courses.

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Tutor Forum reports

June 2022

January 2023

September 2023

January 2024


Tutor communications

Communications from the U3AC Office

To keep costs to a minimum we will generally contact you by email (e.g. to advise you of amendments to your register).

  • Please check your email regularly.
  • If you change your email address please inform the Office.


Contacting the U3AC Office

If you need to contact the Office staff urgently please call or text 07542 150965 (between approximately 9 am and 5 pm, term time only)
If your call is not urgent please call the Office on 01223 321587; if you are calling outside the Office hours of 10 am–2 pm please leave a message.


Communicating with class members

Members’ contact information can only be used when you are contacting them about matters pertaining to the U3AC.

  • If writing to members, please do not mention other members in a defamatory manner.
  • If you wish to contact members about anything that is not related to U3AC, you must have each member’s express permission to use their contact details for this purpose.

Further information about how the data protection regulations apply to tutors is given in the Tutors’ FAQs and in the Tutor Support Handbook.



If someone is injured during your class you must complete an Accident Report Form. These can be obtained from the Office or downloaded here.

Download the Accident Report Form