U3AC’s insurance policy includes cover for public liability, that is U3AC’s liability for accidental injury or damage to property which occurs at our premises or in the external venues we hire for some of our activities. This covers members and those working on our behalf as volunteers while in our premises or in such external venues.

Where a course is held in a member’s home, our public liability insurance covers only losses directly attributable to the activities outlined in the course description given in the Programme.

Our public liability also extends to excursions and trips organised by U3AC’s Social and Cultural Activities Committee and to any trip forming part of a course description.

Please note that we accept liability only for activities formally provided by U3AC and accepted by our insurer. For other informal activities or trips abroad, individual members should have appropriate household or travel insurance.

Please contact the Office if you have any questions about public liability insurance for an activity you may organise or if you wish to see a copy of the policy document.