Information for tutors when submitting a course proposal for 2024-25

Click for Notes for tutors 2024-25

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Click for List of Preferred venues

If you wish to use a venue which isn’t on this list please contact the Office, so that we can investigate the terms of hire.

As we are again looking to ensure that Bridge Street attains near maximum occupancy and that our use of external venues is constructive and economical, courses are to cost no more than £49.50 per member attending for the academic year. When we start timetabling courses, if we find your course exceeds this amount, we will contact you to discuss potential changes. This may require a course to either meet for fewer weeks, or to consider a change of venue.

Although we will try to allocate your preferred day and time, this may not be possible in all cases but we would discuss this with you before booking rooms.

Before the Programme goes to the printers in June, we will send you a draft copy of your entry to check and confirm.

To submit your course proposal

Click Member Login at the top right of the screen.

Enter your username (shown on your email).

Enter your password, if you have not previously logged in or have forgotten your password you will need to set up a new one by clicking “Forgotten Password?” then follow the instructions in the email that you will receive.

There are 2 tabs: Membership and Tutoring

Click the Tutoring tab

To propose a new course click “Propose a new course”

To copy forward the details of a course you have previously offered click “Edit and re-propose a course from a previous year”

Once you have submitted the proposal you should receive a confirmation email, if you don’t it has not been submitted successfully and you will need to try again.

To make changes to the details before the closing date click “Edit a previously submitted course proposal”.

If you need any help please do not hesitate to contact us.