A resource bank of tutor mentors

This is a valuable resource for all tutors who feel that it would be good to have a chat with a fellow tutor about leading their courses.

There is a variety of ways that might happen, a phone call, a one to one meeting, a chat over coffee, a sharing of course plans and materials, classroom observation…. this would be absolutely up to the pair of tutors to decide.

The offers in this resource bank are from tutors who are very willing to pair up with another tutor for a specific mentoring purpose. This could be, depending on the support individual mentors are happy to offer, any of the following:

planning and preparation, curriculum/subject advice, facilitating interactive /discussion sessions, technical support, eg preparing Powerpoint presentations, classroom observation (in room or on Zoom).

Please remember that like you, the mentors are volunteers who are offering this service in their own time and to fit around their course teaching commitments.

The mentors have put their email addresses as a first point of contact.

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Courses Committee Tutor Support Team

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