Ron Gray Annual Conference

The Conference is named in honour of Dr Ron Gray, a long time U3AC member and tutor, who left us a sizeable bequest. It has been held annually since 2014, when the subject was the Scottish independence referendum.

1919 – 2015         


Conferences focus on current issues of the day. Recent topics have included Ageing as Adventure, The Future of Work, The Political Impact of Social Media and, Identity Politics and Culture Wars.

Speakers often include distinguished academics from across the world, and events conclude with contributions and questions from the floor which always results in a lively and interesting exchange of views.

The Conference is normally held in the Spring Term and is open to all members on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

2024 Conference: 21 March
Ageing as Adventure: Reimagining Later Life

2023 Conference: 11 February
‘Rewilding’ Britain: practical environmental management or romantic dream?

2022 Conference: 26 March
Identity Politics and Culture Wars

2020 Conference: 18 January
Imagining Politics Beyond Brexit

Presentation from Mark Hayes

Presentation from David Burgess

The next Conference

Details of our 2025 Conference will be announced later this year.