Tutor and attendee protocol

It is helpful for tutors and members to develop a joint understanding about how their sessions together can be made as enjoyable, respectful and productive as possible. The guidance that follows will help to create that kind of learning environment and all participants are encouraged to note and follow it.


  • Be punctual and allow time for any equipment set up necessary.
  • Deliver the course as described in the Programme.
  • Lead the session in an engaging manner.
  • Provide an inclusive and encouraging learning environment.
  • Encourage class participation, including the quieter, less confident members.


  • Attend all classes, rather than pick and choose sessions.
  • Notify tutor or Office staff if you are unable to attend or wish to withdraw from the course.
  • Participate in class discussions.
  • Avoid dominating class discussions or aggressively contradicting the tutor.

Joint commitment

End the class on time to vacate the room/premises to allow the next class in promptly.