Summer School

U3AC runs a programme of lectures and short courses over 4 weeks in the summer.

We regret that the 2024 Summer School did not run as our meeting rooms were unavailable. Any sporting and other outdoor activities that continued through the summer were unaffected.

The decision whether to hold a Summer School in 2024 will be taken nearer the time.

Applying for Summer School places

Places are limited and are allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

  • You can apply for 3 courses initially. Your place will be confirmed on application.
  • You can apply to be put on the waiting list for 3 further courses. You will be offered a place if the course is not full, about a week before it starts.

To apply for a course, either:

  • Send an email to
  • Call the Office on 01223 321587
  • Ask in person, in the Office.

Note that you cannot enrol in the Summer School programme via the website, although you can view your course places once you have logged in (select ‘Allocated courses’ on your account page).

Once your place has been confirmed you will not be sent a reminder, so please make sure the event is in your diary.

If you cannot attend, please let the Office know so they can reallocate the place.

Log in to download the Summer School Programme when it is available.

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