Tutor Forum report June 2022

Report on Tutor Forum June 2022

This report was compiled by members of Courses Committee as a record of the proceedings and outcomes from the Tutor Forum held on June 22nd 2022. These personnel were Sheila Bennett, Judith Braid, Tim Ewbank, Sally Livesey and Maggie Balshaw.

Forum Programme and format

This Forum was the first one held face-to face, after several between 2020 and 2022 conducted solely on Zoom. There was evident pleasure in the room about this more sociable experience.

Tutors had been invited to the Forum and were asked to suggest topics for discussion. The overall theme was a review of the academic year and a look forward to 2022-23.

The two most often suggested topics were the experiences tutors had of hybrid working and managing interactive groups during the last year.

The curriculum areas represented in the whole group were current affairs, history, music, literature, economics and investments, languages, art, philosophy, creative writing, science and geology. This was a very representative spread of topics across many of our courses.

Two interest groups discussed the two topics. Each group reported back with ideas and advice drawn from their tutoring experiences which were offered to the whole group as a record of their discussions. These reports are offered verbatim rather than edited down as many comments were so ‘real’ and evocative. Tutors will recognise this!

These two reports form the following appendices to this record of proceedings.

Appendix one

Appendix two