Rev Dr Stephen Cherry: The possibilities and limits of forgiveness

Speaker: Rev Dr Stephen Cherry

Over the last four decades, the idea and practice of forgiveness has attracted more attention than previously with personal stories of forgiveness being told in the media and written up as memoirs. In addition, psychologists have explored different ways in which people might be helped to forgive, and philosophers have asked questions, such as: ‘was Dryden right in saying that “forgiveness to the victim doth belong”?’ In this talk Stephen will explore these important issues. Although he finds much to admire when people forgive, he also wants to question whether there are limits to forgiveness – and, if so, what lies beyond them?

Stephen Cherry is Dean of Chapel at King’s College, Cambridge, and Fellow and Director of Studies in Theology. He has written a number of books including Healing Agony and Unforgivable? Exploring the Limits of Forgiveness due out early in 2024.

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Event information


11 Oct 2023


2:15 pm


Zoom and Bridge St (booking required)