Katherine Langrish: Fenrir’s Fetter and the Power of Stories

Speaker: Katherine Langrish

As a writer of fantasies for children, and academic essays and books for adults on fairy tales and folklore, Katherine has long been interested in the power of stories to influence us for both good and ill. In this talk, she will look at legends and fairy tales, the gruesome urban myths children tell one another at sleepovers, and those stories handed down in families, communities and nations which confer a sense of common identity and pride – sometimes at the cost of excluding others. Such stories have the power to change our perceptions of ourselves and others, and of the world around us.

Katherine Langrish is an author and the creator of the award-winning blog Seven Miles of Steel Thistles and collection of essays of the same name. Her books for children include Dark Angels, and most recently From Spare Oom to War Drobe: Travels in Narnia with my nine year-old self.

This lecture will not be recorded.

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Event information


01 Nov 2023


2:15 pm


Zoom and Bridge St