Helen Ackroyd: Anglesey Abbey: The life of Lord Fairhaven

Speaker: Helen Ackroyd

Helen’s talk will take a look at the history of the Priory (N.B. it wasn’t actually an Abbey) from 1135 until 1536, and then as a private house, from 1609 until 1966. However, the main part of her talk will cover the family history of Lord Fairhaven, especially the source of his wealth, and will present a ‘virtual tour’ of the House, punctuated with stories of how Lord Fairhaven used the rooms and designed the famous gardens.

Helen Ackroyd has been a volunteer in the House at Anglesey Abbey for more than 14 years, and also a Tour Guide, both inside and outside the House. She has been presenting talks about Anglesey Abbey for the National Trust for over six years.

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Event information


15 Nov 2023


2:15 pm


Zoom and Bridge St (booking required)