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U3AC 40th Anniversary

Live lectures and AGM in the Debating Chamber of the Cambridge Union, 9A Bridge Street 2.30 pm             Amusing, shocking, informing: Cartoons and caricatures of the Bank of England Speaker: John Keyworth John will examine some of the sharply-penned cartoons and caricatures of the past two centuries which poke fun at that pillar of the Establishment, […]

Professor Sharon Peacock: SARS-CoV-2 Variants: Past, Present and Future

Speaker: Professor Sharon Peacock CBE FMedSci MRCP, Department of Medicine and Director of Covid-19 Genomics UK Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, genome sequencing has provided vital insights into the biology and evolution of the causal virus, SARS-CoV-2. Within a month of the first reported cases, genome data had informed the rapid development of […]

Professor Raymond E. Goldstein: Upside down and inside out: Understanding early multicellular life

Speaker: Professor Raymond E. Goldstein FRS, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics Some of the most fundamental questions in evolutionary biology revolve around transitions from unicellular to multicellular life, a process intimately linked to the development of complex biological structures.  This talk will illustrate how approaches from the physical sciences have helped us understand […]

Professor Alan Windle: Climate Change: Science, Technology and the Home

Speaker: Alan Windle FRS, Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy Firstly, a brief review of the science behind climate change.  We will then look at the evidence that something is going out of control, and that mankind is responsible.  The biosphere itself  is capable of adjustment, and indeed control of carbon dioxide is one of […]

Dr Giles Yeo: Why calories don’t count

Speaker: Dr Giles Yeo, WT-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science, Addenbrookes Hospital A calorie is a calorie, so they say. It shouldn’t matter whether it comes from steak, a carrot or a doughnut. Except it does! Our body works harder to extract calories from some food compared to others, which is why calories don’t count. Remember, […]

Prof Steve Young: Hey Siri! How smart are you?

Speaker: Prof Steve Young FRS FREng Emeritus Professor of Information Engineering in the Department of Engineering and Fellow of Emmanuel College. In the last ten years, conversational agents such as Siri and Alexa have developed into quite capable personal assistants.  They can execute simple commands and provide information over a wide range of topics.  The artificial […]

Dr William Foster: The joy of insect watching

Speaker: Dr William Foster, Department of Zoology We cannot hope to understand the evolution and ecology of insects (or anything else) without observing the behaviour of identifiable individuals in the field. I will discuss some of the things I and my team have discovered by doing this relatively rare thing for entomologists to do.   […]

** Cancelled ** Dr Emily Shuckburgh OBE: COP26 and the scientific importance of achieving its goals

Unfortunately due to other commitments the speaker has had to cancel this lecture. Speaker: Dr Emily Shuckburgh OBE, Reader in Environmental Data Science and Fellow of Darwin College, Director of Cambridge Zero, the University of Cambridge’s climate change initiative.   Log in to see the Zoom link and passcode for this event.

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