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Sally Sibley: The enigma of Sutton Hoo

Speaker: Sally Sibley Using a combination of words, images and replica artefacts, Sally Sibley describes something of the culture of the people who lived close to, and probably used, Sutton Hoo – the iconic Anglo-Saxon royal burial site near Woodbridge – in the early 7th century. She will also describe the significant achievements of those […]

Lynne Harrison: Funerals without God

Speaker: Lynne Harrison Funerals are important, we should talk about them more. Around the world and throughout history, human societies have marked important events in people’s lives with ceremony. Funeral rites and practices in particular have always been important, and have differed widely in different societies, as they still do around the world today, influenced […]

Andrew Sankey: The history of the English Cottage Garden

Speaker: Andrew Sankey Andrew Sankey – Garden designer, lecturer and author. In this talk Andrew will aim to show that the pretty romantic Victorian cottage garden painted by watercolourists of the period is false, and that the ‘true’ cottage garden was the poor labourers’ cabbage patch with orchard, bean field and pig sty. The talk […]

Matthew Daintrey-Hall: A symphony of terror – 100 years of Nosferatu

Speaker: Matthew Daintrey-Hall Join us for a spine-chilling celebration of a hundred years of Nosferatu. This talk will examine the aesthetic achievements of the world’s first vampire film, the social and historical factors that helped mold it, and why vampire films have resonated with audiences ever since. Matthew Daintrey-Hall is a Film Studies writer and […]

U3AC 40th Anniversary

Live lectures and AGM in the Debating Chamber of the Cambridge Union, 9A Bridge Street 2.30 pm             Amusing, shocking, informing: Cartoons and caricatures of the Bank of England Speaker: John Keyworth John will examine some of the sharply-penned cartoons and caricatures of the past two centuries which poke fun at that pillar of the Establishment, […]

Ian Dunham: How can we make safe and effective drugs?

Speaker: Ian Dunham Modern medicines are increasingly sophisticated, yet for every new drug that is approved nine other drugs fail in clinical trials. Ian will describe the modern drug discovery process, why potential drugs fail and how we can improve the process to produce more effective and safe medicines. Ian has spent 30 years working […]

David Hardy: The new great game – UK foreign policy in Central Asia

Speaker: David Hardy David will draw on his extensive experience from living and working in Central Asia. This region was at the core of international rivalry between the Russian and British Empires. Today’s oil needs, tomorrow’s move away from oil, and China’s new Silk Road (the Belt and Road initiative) mean that Central Asia is […]

Deborah Judge: Spiritus Equis – A psychiatrist’s journey: How horses help people in trauma recovery

Speaker: Deborah Judge Deborah will illustrate how, in following a career in psychiatry, and working with mental health and trauma, the observations and experiences with horses along the way form useful connections and opportunities for learning. This journey with horses may help in our understanding of trauma and recovery. Deborah Judge MRCPsych, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy […]

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