Coronavirus/Covid-19: How U3AC is responding

2 September 2020

During the Autumn Term all our classroom-based courses will be delivered over the internet. Most courses use Zoom video conferencing, some use email. Some outdoor fitness activities such as cycling or walking continue to take place with social distancing observed. As indoor fitness venues start to re-open we will endeavour to set up our courses. A number of Fitness courses are taking place via Zoom.

We offer support to tutors and members in using Zoom. These are advertised in the weekly Bulletin.

A programme of Zoom-based Wednesday Lectures is planned for the Autumn Term. The Norah Boyce Lectures, which cover scientific topics, are postponed until the Spring Term, as is the programme for the Film Club. Trips, visits and social events are also on hold.

I must stress that we do not plan to be ‘online only’ forever. Zoom etc. is certainly better than nothing. But we know it is important to all of us to learn in a real life classroom with real people or just to talk with fellow course members over a coffee. We aim to offer you those opportunities just as soon as it’s possible.

Finally I would like to acknowledge and thank our tutors and our three staff members in rising to the challenge. It is their work which has created a wonderfully rich programme of courses, lectures and activities.

Susan Honeyford, Chair