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ART 10: Painting group – Wednesday – Art Exhibition

ART 13: Arts Forum

ARTH 01: Decoration in Islamic buildings and artefacts

BUS 02: Understanding Strategy for large and small businesses and organisations

GER 16: Thomas Mann (und vielleicht andere Scriftsteller)

HIS 04: Biographies

HIS 06/HIS 36: Cambridge History and the Wider Context

HIS 16: Horses: Their role in the history of man

HIS 27: The Golden Age of Anglo-Saxon Art 900-1066

HIS 30: The Silk Road, Persia and Central Asia

HIS 37: Himalaya history and culture

ITA 09: Italian for Beginners

LAT 01: Latin for Beginners

LAT 05: A Fifth Year of Latin

LIT 11: Jane Austen. The role of ‘walks’ in her novels

LIT 17: Passion, Irony and Social Justice in Jane Austen’s Novels

LIT 22: Reading James Joyce’s Ulysses in context

LEI 14: Practical Cookery

MUS 11: Opera: Power, Power Struggles, Politics and Religion

MUS 12: Opera and Comedy

PHL 02: Exploring Philosophy

PHL 10: The Implications of Artificial Intelligence for Humankind

PHL 12: Introduction to Hinduism

PHO 01: Photography – The Telling Image

SCE 05: Dazzling DNA, Scintillating Cells and Disconcerting Diseases

SCE 08: Geology Group

SCE 10: How Not to Die (Spring term)

SCE 16: Predicting the Outbreak of Infectious Diseases

SCE 20: The Learning Brain

SCE 26: Covid 19, an update (Spring)

SCE 27: Assembling The geological jigsaw puzzle that is Britain and Ireland

SCE 28: The UK’s global leadership in genomic sequencing – a Cambridge success story!

SCE 29: The science and practice of happiness

SCE 30: Birdsong Identification

SWE 01: Swedish for Visitors

SWE 02: Swedish – Second year continuation

WOR 02: Australia – The Red Centre and beyond

WOR 03: The Balkans

WOR 04: Italian Cities