Finally, Covid appears to be receding, although it has by no means gone away completely. Infection rates still remain high, although severity of the disease is diminished for most of those who contract it. So, with the start of the Summer term, now seems a good moment to reconsider our guidance to members while in Bridge Street and any external venues in which we hold classes.

We remain a high risk demographic group, so some measure of precautions still seem appropriate.

If you are in any way unwell, please do not attend classes, as a courtesy to other members who may be more vulnerable. Please be aware that you may be asked to leave if you arrive displaying symptoms. (In some classes it may be possible to attend by Zoom or obtain the materials from the tutor for the sessions you missed).

The classroom windows in Bridge Street will be open to provide ventilation which can be supplemented by the air conditioning to circulate air within the room.

At the start of term tutors and attendees may discuss and agree what approach to take collectively to wearing face coverings during classes. Some tutors may wish members to wear face coverings in their class; please respect their request.

U3AC staff will continue to wear face coverings when moving around the building and talking to members.

In the event that you are unfortunate enough to catch Covid and have recently attended a U3AC course, please contact the U3AC Office staff, so that the tutor and other members of the class can be informed.

We will continue to keep the situation under review and provide further U3AC specific guidance as circumstances necessitate.

Tim Ewbank, Chairman