France since de Gaulle CANCELLED (HIS 17)

This course is cancelled

  • Day and time: Wednesday 11:50 - 12:50
  • Length of course: 1 term. Autumn (10 Weeks)
  • Number of places: 0
  • Start date: 13 October 2021
  • Description:

    The course will cover the period from 1958 to the present day. It will highlight episodes such as the victory of Mitterand's socialists in 1981, France and the Iraq War, and the emergence of Macron. Economic and cultural aspects will also be focused on. Reading: R. Price, A Concise History of France; J McMillan, Twentieth Century France; P Short, Mitterand: A Study in Ambiguity; P Goubert, The Course of French History.

  • Format: Lecture

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