Meanwhile in the rest of the world ....(Spring term) (SCE 17)

  • Day and time: Thursday 13:10 - 14:10
  • Length of course: 1 term. Spring (6 Weeks)
  • Number of places: 30
  • Start date: 20 January 2022
  • Description:

    Of all the courses I have presented at the U3AC this is my favourite. So please join me for 6 sessions of a revisited introduction to the fascinating history of science beyond our European boundaries. As a taster: what do piano accordions and the Flying Scotsman, but not Boudica, have in common with Ancient China? Join me and find out.

  • Format: Lecture

  • Tutor: Clive Gilchrist
  • I have lectured on science at both night school and work throughout my career and have enjoyed continuing lecturing at the U3AC.

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