U3AC Investment Club (OTH 04)

  • Day and time: Third Saturday of each month 10:00 - 12:00
  • Length of course: 3 terms. Autumn (3 Weeks), Spring (3 Weeks), Summer (3 Weeks)
  • Number of places: 0
  • Start date: 17 October 2020
  • Description:

    The Club was formed in 2001 with several founder members remaining enthusiastic investors. Due to its ongoing nature existing members retain continuing membership. Prospective members are invited to observe a meeting prior to joining the waiting list. The Club would be of interest to members who wish to improve their knowledge of the stock market by active involvement in running our own portfolio, researching acquisitions and making presentations. We provide online research software, exclusively for members who must have a working knowledge of computing for accessing it. All investment decisions which affect members' unit holding are made by majority vote. The commitment is long term with a monthly investment of £50 payable by standing order plus a £50 joining fee. Contact the U3AC to register your interest in joining the Club.

    Note: The Autumn & Spring terms will be held via video-conference (Zoom).

  • Format: Discussion

  • Secretary: Ian Gaseltine
  • As a founding member I have learned from others the use of research tools and investment opportunities.

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