2 September 2020

Chair’s message

I would like to thank all of you who have renewed your membership this year. We very much appreciate your commitment to U3AC. We – staff and tutors in particular – have worked super hard to make this year possible and interesting so your positive response is most welcome and heartening.

Your allocation letters will be arriving shortly, together with the re-designed Newsletter which looks very smart and easy to read.

Inevitably, there will be some disappointments with course allocations but I hope that, on balance, you will be pleased. As most of you know we use an algorithm (but definitely not a mutant one) to allocate courses. The process is fair, but like any system, the results can’t please everyone all the time.

The newly re-designed website is experiencing a small number of teething problems. I am assured that they will be resolved shortly. My apologies. Please bear with us.

Susan Honeyford, Chair


New items

New course – contact the Office to enrol

ITA 09: Italian for beginners

Tutor: Caterina Sani

Day and time: Tuesday 14:30 – 15:30

Venue: Zoom – Video Conference

Length of course: 3 terms. Autumn (10 weeks), Spring (10 weeks), Summer (10 weeks)

Places: 10

Start date: 06 Oct

Students will be engaged in a series of activities and role plays to practise the basics of the Italian language. By the end of the course students will be able to introduce themselves, talk about themselves and their families, engage a short conversation with Italians and be able to get by in everyday activities, such as buy something or order at a restaurant.

Level: Beginners

Format: Interactive taught course

About me: I’m an Italian teacher with 20 plus years of experience. I love my job and am looking forward to share my language and culture with my students.



Beginners guide to using Zoom

For course participants we have produced a Users’ Guide (here) which we hope will be helpful.

Environment Group

The environment group would benefit from having new committee members. We have regular meetings and prepare and host an annual seminar open to the wider U3AC membership.

If you are interested in protecting the environment, contact the group at environmentu3ac@gmail.com

To view presentations from previous seminars, and upcoming local events, visit our website. https://www.u3ac.org.uk/social/xtra-groups/environment-group/

Tutor Support Handbook (TSH)

A small team of Courses Committee members and Office staff has produced a ‘Tutor Support Handbook’ that is intended to be a resource to all of our tutors and indeed any members who might be thinking of starting to teach a course in the near future.

It is meant as a resource for you to dip into, not to read from cover to cover, though there is absolutely nothing to stop you from doing that!  The Tutor Support Handbook can be found here.

Maggie Balshaw, Director of Studies (Courses)

Other Organisations

U3AC is supporting other local organisations by listing their online activities on the Other Organisations page of our website https://www.u3ac.org.uk/social/other-organisations/