18 November 2020

What’s on next week

Wednesday Lecture

The next Wednesday Lecture at 2.15 pm on 25 November entitled A potful of peses’ – changing diets in the late Middle Ages will be given by Joanne Sear.

The lectures are currently being held via Zoom – so you can enjoy them in the comfort of your own home, no travelling required in the current short, dark days of Autumn – if you haven’t attended one yet this term, please give it a go.

To join the lecture, click on the title of the lecture above which will take you to the relevant page of our website. You will then need to log in using your username and password to access the link.

New Items

New talk

Title: Understanding Strategy for businesses and large organisations

Lecturer: Jo Whitehead

Date and Time: Wednesday 9 December, 10.00 – 11.00

Places: 50

Venue: Via Zoom – video-conference

This is a lecture and discussion on the principles of business strategy, and a test of whether this might be of sufficient interest to be made into a full course. I will introduce some frameworks, commonly used by strategists, and we will apply them to a company or organisation that has recently been in the news e.g., Rolls Royce. Participants should come away having had an interesting discussion about the organisation analysed, and an insight into the general principles used to design a strategy. This may be useful if you are involved in developing strategies e.g., for a charity. It should also help make sense of news about businesses and organisations.

About me: I have an MBA and PhD in Business Strategy, was a consultant for 20 years and a business academic, consultant and teacher for another 15 (and still going!)


Please contact the Office if you would like to book a place


New talk – Please email the Office if you would like a place

Title: Track and trace Tetraserpula tetragona in the fields and church walls around Cambridge

Tutor: Douglas Palmer

Date and Time: Wednesday 25 November, 10.30 – 12.00

Places: 50

Venue: Via Zoom – video-conference

How a Museum enquiry has taken a roundabout route from Madingley around Essex and via Moscow to the great early 19th century English naturalist J. de C. Sowerby and a 157 million year old fossil tube worm, whose remains have been scattered over East Anglia ice movement around 450 thousand years ago.

Other Organisations

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