Covid precautions

The Council has developed guidance notes for staff and members to use with face-to-face classes in Bridge Street. These are based on government guidance, tempered for our specific circumstances. The over-arching principle is of our taking collective responsibility for protecting ourselves and fellow members by observing sensible precautions.
One specific point I would like to clarify is why we will not be observing social distancing in classes. Firstly, social distancing is no longer mandated; cinemas & theatres are open. Secondly, if our classrooms were socially distanced it would reduce the number of places on each course by roughly half, which would substantially reduce the chances of getting your requested courses.
However, steps have been taken to improve the ventilation (openable windows in all classrooms and upgraded air conditioning) Also, we have reduced the numbers for each room to some degree.
The guidance notes can be found HERE

Tim Ewbank, Chairman