Patrick Hemmerle: The role of the interpreter in the process of recreating music

Patrick explores ideas related to the role of the interpreter in the process recreating music, either past or present.
Music is the only art form that needs an interpreter to exist, and this has various implications.
Patrick considers the evolution of the role of the interpreter over the last 3 centuries, the increasing place it takes in the classical music scene as the role of the composers has diminished, the difficult question of the task of the interpreter – a perfect mirror of the composer’s intention, or a co-creator?
Can several approaches of a work all be equally valid? Is there even any valid way of performing a work?
Does the interpreter have a moral duty to the composer?
This brings him to the wider question – what is music? Is it greater than all the interpretations that can be made of it?
There are also practical issues: what freedom do composers give the performers, and how this evolves over time.
The whole talk will be illustrated musically.

Patrick Hemmerle is an acclaimed French concert pianist living in England, who speaks regularly on musicology, renowned for his capacity to clarify complex musical concepts.

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Event information


04 Nov 2020


2:15 pm


Wednesday Lecture - online