Professor Alan Windle: Climate Change: Science, Technology and the Home

Speaker: Alan Windle FRS, Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy

Firstly, a brief review of the science behind climate change.  We will then look at the evidence that something is going out of control, and that mankind is responsible.  The biosphere itself  is capable of adjustment, and indeed control of carbon dioxide is one of its specialities.  However its response takes time, and the change humans are inducing now is virtually instantaneous on a geological time scale.    Our first focus level will be on the UK as a country, and the way in which we burn fossil fuels to make energy, whether for heating, lighting or transport; an introduction to the ‘Gridwatch’ web site for electricity will follow.     Next, we will concentrate on our homes and life-styles, looking at possible individual projects.  Investment in the future will cost now.  Money will be involved, one way or another, and choices will need to be made in navigating the jungle of offers, slick terminology and marketing.  Finally we will look at examples of domestic changes which will really work, and think about those which are not far short of scams.

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08 Feb 2022


4:30 pm


Norah Boyce Science Lecture - online