Prof Steve Young: Hey Siri! How smart are you?

Speaker: Prof Steve Young FRS FREng Emeritus Professor of Information Engineering in the Department of Engineering and Fellow of Emmanuel College.

In the last ten years, conversational agents such as Siri and Alexa have developed into quite capable personal assistants.  They can execute simple commands and provide information over a wide range of topics.  The artificial intelligence technology on which they depend is improving rapidly and they will continue to evolve and improve.  So just how smart are they, and perhaps more importantly, how smart will they become in the future? Will they remain benign assistants making our lives easier, or might they become a threat?

This talk attempts to give some insight into these questions.  It provides a brief overview of how conversational agents work and how the underlying technology is developing.  It then examines their future evolution and the various issues of trust that will inevitably arise.

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16 Nov 2021


4:30 pm


Norah Boyce Science Lecture - online