Lynne Harrison: Funerals without God

Speaker: Lynne Harrison

Funerals are important, we should talk about them more. Around the world and throughout history, human societies have marked important events in people’s lives with ceremony. Funeral rites and practices in particular have always been important, and have differed widely in different societies, as they still do around the world today, influenced by religious faith and society’s needs. Lynne will review some of the great variety of funeral practises, some seeming very strange to us, before talking about what a Humanist funeral can offer today.

Lynne started her working life as a lab scientist before moving into the field of science communication, and then adult education more generally. Having realised at a rather late stage that she was indeed a Humanist, she trained and qualified as a Humanist Celebrant in 2018, because she had come to appreciate the value of a ‘good’ funeral and wanted to be able to facilitate them.

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Event information


11 May 2022


2:15 pm


Wednesday Lecture - online