Henry Edmundson: Conflict on the Roof of the World: Himalayan politics & warfare

The Chinese take-over of Tibet is just one recent power-play in the Himalayan region. Long ago, the Tibetans were the empire builders. In the 19th century, strongman Gulab Singh gobbled up parts of the Western Himalaya to create Kashmir. During the Raj, the British fought Russian influence to commandeer the high mountains. Today, the struggle for control of the roof of the world shows no sign of abating.

Henry Edmundson has been trekking and climbing in the wider Himalayan Area for over 50 years. He is a graduate of Pembroke College, Cambridge, postgraduate of Bristol University, and a member of the Alpine Club, the Himalayan Club and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

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03 Mar 2021


2:15 pm


Wednesday Lecture - online