David Hardy: The new great game – UK foreign policy in Central Asia

Speaker: David Hardy

David will draw on his extensive experience from living and working in Central Asia. This region was at the core of international rivalry between the Russian and British Empires. Today’s oil needs, tomorrow’s move away from oil, and China’s new Silk Road (the Belt and Road initiative) mean that Central Asia is still at the core of international rivalry. But most people have no clue where Central Asia is. And given Central Asia’s resources, our foreign policy seems to need more baking.

David Hardy is a past president of the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities, representing the rectors of European open universities; and Former Vice-President (Europe), International Council for Open and Distance Education affiliated to UNESCO.  He has been a UK civil servant; and from 2002–2015 he advised the governments of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, the Russian Federation, Turkey and Romania, on education reform.  He was an accredited International Observer invited by the Government of Uzbekistan for the elections of the President in Dec 2016.  His focus has been how post-school education can best meet the needs of a modern economy.

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09 Mar 2022


2:15 pm


Wednesday Lecture - online