Danny Dorling: A search for seven typical children to represent the UK

Speaker:  Danny Dorling

Suppose you were given the task of finding seven children who could be said to typify the range of the 14 million children living in the UK today. How might you go about you task and what might you discover in doing so?  (Members may well recall the TV series 7-Up, whose participants were most recently interviewed when aged 63 in the year 2019. That very popular series, however, deliberately selected children from the extremes of society who were not typical of the UK.)  In this talk, Danny will explore the diversity of personal circumstances facing Britain’s 7-year-old children today.  Are they all in it together?

Danny Dorling is Professor of Human Geography at the University of Oxford. He has produced a series of social atlases and other less colourful books, mostly concerning the UK, inequality and life chances. He is currently interested in what may be an effective way of describing the current state of the divides in society in a way that people can understand enough to feel confident to question, and to place themselves within.

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Event information


16 Feb 2022


2:15 pm


Wednesday Lecture - online