Birdsong Identification - a 3 week taster (Spring term) (SCE 30)

  • Day and time: Friday 10:00 - 11:00
  • Length of course: 2 terms. Spring (3 Weeks), Summer (1 Week)
  • Number of places: 101
  • Start date: 05 March 2021
  • Description:

    This is the best time of year to learn to recognise birdsong, before the leaves are on the trees. This course offers 3 hour-long sessions, aiming to introduce around 15-20 of the locally common birds. It is basic, though requires some knowledge of the birds themselves. (It is definitely not for those who want to discuss the subtle differences between blackcap and garden warbler songs.) You will get the most out of it if you are prepared to revise after each session, by listening to the tapes and also outdoors.

    I have taught small groups for the last 4 years, but this is the first time in this format - I hope it will work. There will be lots of repetition.

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  • Leader: Olwen Williams
  • I have a higher degree in Natural Science, a passion for natural history and have led U3AC Naturalists Groups for the last 7 years.

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