Irish History - Cromwell to Parnell (Summer term) (HIS 18)

  • Day and time: Thursday 10:30 - 11:30
  • Length of course: 1 term. Summer (8 Weeks)
  • Number of places: 30
  • Start date: 22 April 2021
  • Description:

    The aim of this course is to examine Anglo-Irish relations during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Consideration will be given to the emergence of Irish nationalism during this period and the challenges it posed to the Union with England - from O'Connell to Parnell and Young Ireland to the Fenians. Particular attention will be paid to the famine of the 1840s and its social. political, economic and linguistic impact on the history of the period.

  • Format: Lecture

  • Tutor: Michael J Murphy
  • Visiting Lecturer at the O.U and Cambridge Universities and in the USA, the Universities of Maryland and Santa Barbara.

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