The Letters of the Apostle Paul (Spring term) (PHL 11)

  • Day and time: Thursday 11:00 - 12:30
  • Length of course: 1 term. Spring (10 Weeks)
  • Number of places: 14
  • Start date: 14 January 2021
  • Description:

    This class will study the seven letters which are undisputedly Pauline and which are the earliest compositions in the New Testament. We shall discuss what might have prompted the writing of each letter and to what degree the needs of the receiving community shaped the expression of thought in specific letters. Our discussions will range over questions such as what the letters have in common, what they reveal of Paul's beliefs and his possible growth in thought, plus any other matter that arises.

  • Format: Seminar

  • Leader: Margaret Sakellaridis
  • I have given courses in the U3AC since 2006. I have no academic qualification in this subject but am keen to discuss it with interested people.

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